Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Review


To celebrate the last part of my review of the Original Gundam series going up on the main review site, I thought I’d review the first Gundam game I ever played over here on Hogan Game Reviews. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam was not only the first Gundam game I played, but it introduced me to the world of Gundam outside of Wing and Seed, the only two series I’d seen at that point. Ignoring all that, though, what’s it like to play now?

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Grand Theft Auto (PS1)


With long game series’ like GTA (Resident Evil, Metal Gear and Dragon Ball games are the other three that spring to mind) I will be starting at the earliest entry in the series I played (in most cases it’s the first one) and moving up in order, but not every other review like the wrestling game countdown. With that out the way, let’s get started on the original GTA for the PS1! (NOTE: I was unable to find a working ROM, or ISO, of this game for screenshot purposes, so I’ve had to borrow some from GameFAQs. I hope to grab my own screens in the future, be it with a working ISO or via some sort of screen capture software, if I ever make it to that kind of professionalism!)

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WWF WrestleMania Challenge (NES)

WWF WM Challenge

The rundown (finally) continues as the first licensed game appears. Again, I know there was a WWF game released before this (simply titled WrestleMania) and one after it (called Steel Cage Challenge) but as I said in entry one, this is all about the games I’ve played and can therefore give a then and now review on. I may later play some of the missed NES games and just give a “Now” review, but they won’t be apart of this rundown of Wrestling games I’ve played throughout my life. So, on to WrestleMania Challenge…

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