Mega Man 3 (NES) Review

Mega Man 3

We now reach “uncharted territory” for me as I never played past Mega Man 2 back in the day, and while it’s weird not to have a “Thoughts Then” section on a NES game, that’s just how it is! MM3 introduces both Mega Man’s dog Rush and the ground slide, which comes in handy all the damn time… Let’s have a look!

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WWF RAW (SNES / MD) Review


The Wrestling Rundown reaches the end of the Acclaim 16-bit engine games: WWF RAW. Once again I had it on the Mega Drive then later re-brought it for the SNES when I inherited my brothers SNES collection after I had sold off my MD. RAW is the culmination of the three games, with some great new additions like unique movesets and tornado tag team matches being in alongside the personally played-to-death Royal Rumble mode. So let’s have a look then!

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Hotline Miami (PS4) Review

Hotline Miami

A first, and to be honest probably a rare, indie game review! I barely have enough time to play new AAA games currently, let alone play smaller indie ones, as good a some may be. Anyway, I saw this and its sequel (which I’ll get to later, I’m sure) on sale for just a couple of pounds on the PS Store and as it had been in the back of my head for a while I went ahead and brought them! Hotline Miami is a top down shooter, with a good sense of humour and a fun and quick play style, so let’s have a look!

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Mega Man 2 (NES) Review

Mega Man 2

My playthrough of the Mega Man series continues into Mega Man 2, what is often considered the peak of the series. It’s certainly earned its reputation as a classic, both level design-wise and definitely soundtrack-wise! With this comes the conclusion of the Mega Man games I played as a child and couldn’t get very far in, but have now completed (that’s a wordy category…), so let’s get to it!

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WWF Rage in the Cage (Sega Mega CD) Review

WWF Rage in the Cage

The wrestling game rundown adds another first for this blog: a Sega Mega CD review (or just Sega CD as it was known in the US!) Yes, once upon a time I actually had a Mega CD, and a few games on it to boot (it was my first exposure to Final Fight!) but Rage in the Cage wasn’t a highlight of my time with the Mega Drive add-on… In fact some of the decisions still annoy me to this day! Let’s take a look at it, anyway, shall we?

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Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4) Review

Dynasty Warriors 9

I’ve been a fan of Dynasty Warriors since the fifth entry, which sounds like I got in late, but then when you factor in how many not just core games, but spin-off titles I’ve played since then, then I’ve played A LOT of them. That’s why Dynasty Warriors 9 intrigued me so much, it was trying something new! New in a Warriors game! Is this change good though, or is it Dynasty Warriors 6 all over again? Let’s fine out!

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Mega Man (NES) Review


I played Mega Man on my brother’s NES when I was very young, so young that I sucked at it… really bad. I then played it as a teen and I was bad, but not awful. Now I brought the Mega Man Legacy Collection on my PS4 and guess what? I completed the game! Admittedly I used a single game state save before starting the Wily stages, but still! Very happy to get that monkey off my back, and now it’s time to give it a review! Why not?

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